Antarctica offers breathtaking scenery, including mountain ranges tinged green and pink with algae blooms, ice-filled channels, tubular icebergs, glaciers, and active volcanoes. The frozen continent is more than one and a half times the size of the United States and buried under a mile of ice and snow. For more than two centuries, this desolate land has attracted scientists, photographers, and adventurers, all drawn by its unmatched natural wonders.
Whether on a photography tour, professional development scientific expedition, or simply the ultimate adventure, those fortunate to travel to Antarctica can observe a vast, untouched wilderness of ice and sky that few people ever witness. Visitors on an Antarctic cruise can see the world’s largest penguin population fetching krill and feeding their young, as well as a spectacular variety of sea life, including sea birds, leopard seals, and magnificent resident whale species. Despite its average temperature of -56 degrees Fahrenheit, the Antarctic Peninsula changes in appearance and activity throughout the seasons, offering a variety of scenery and experiences for visitors to enjoy year-round. The excitement peaks in the southern summer month of December. Travel to Antarctica with Holbrook and visit "the ultimate frontier," through small vessel cruises designed to offer both land and sea access to this exquisite and unspoiled continent.

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