The vast country of Chile offers a diverse combination of natural wonders, rich native culture, and a range of flora and fauna that make it an essential travel location. A sprawling country, Chile stretches 3,000 miles through varied terrain and spans half of the South American continent. The country’s ever-changing landscape of glaciers, deserts, mountains, and forests is positioned in a narrow band that in most areas is only 100 miles wide. 

Chile’s extreme length makes it a land of dramatic contrasts. The Atacama Desert in the north is the driest place in the world. Explorers of this arid, crater-dotted landscape may encounter flamingos wading in salt lagoons, geothermal geysers, and snow-capped volcanoes. In southern Chile, Patagonia’s wild, open frontier includes fields of glaciers, soaring snowy peaks, and glacial waterfalls. The Andean lake region offers travelers access to Chile’s rich diversity of flora and fauna. Fertile Andean fjords, a world-class wine industry, and miles of extensive coastline provide the ultimate experience for the passionate traveler.

Chile’s varying environment allows an array of species to inhabit its ecosystem. Depending on the area, travelers can spot different animals such as alpacas, pumas and foxes. Birding in Chile is equally exciting, as a variety of birds live here including the Andean Condor and the Magellanic Penguin.

Study Chile’s vibrant, modern culture and its Amerindian history by visiting archaeological remains, colorful native communities and the European-inspired architecture of Chile’s capital, Santiago. As an expert Chile tour operator, Holbrook invites travelers to explore the rich cultural and archaeological treasures and natural wonders that this diverse nation has to offer.

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