From cutting edge anthropological findings at Copán to dolphin research on the Bay Island of Roatán, Honduras is always on the brink of exciting new discoveries. This country is bursting with dynamic and unforgettable sights and culture. 

The mountainous nation of Honduras runs the width of Central America, from the Pacific Ocean to the Caribbean. The country is neighbored by Belize, Guatemala, Nicaragua and El Salvador. Many years ago, the southern range of the Mayan civilization extended into what is now Honduras. One of the icons of Mayan archaeology, Copán, is in the country’s western edge near the border with Guatemala. Seven recognized indigenous groups still reside in Honduras, including the Miskito Indians, the Pech, and the Garifuna.

This beautiful country contains vast biological resources including more than 600 species of orchids, about 700 bird species, and more than 100 mammal species.  Bottlenose dolphins, manta rays, parrotfish and whale sharks inhabit the waters surrounding the Bay Islands. Some birds you may stumble across in Honduras include White-breasted Hawk, Keel-billed Motmot, and Blue-tailed Hummingbird. The country is also home to rainforest, amazing coral reef, and lowland forest.

Honduras is making impressive conservation efforts, and travel has never been better in this spectacular country than it is now. Holbrook has been working in Honduras for decades, building long-term relationships that have the feel of an extended family. Whether visiting on a birding tour, conducting marine science on the Bay Islands, joining an archaeological program or visiting the country’s highlights with family, we can create a trip that translates into memorable and insightful experiences.