For many travelers, visiting destinations designed solely for tourists doesn’t satisfy the desire for authentic cultural travel. Authentic cultural travel brings a destination’s visitors to a new level of understanding about themselves, their homes, and global culture. 

For those willing to leave their judgments and expectations of how to live at home and embrace the customs of the culture they visit, a journey that may last just a week or two may result in lifelong personal transformation.

We’re experts at facilitating travel that provides opportunities for cross-cultural exchange. With deep connection to locals in regions around the world, we create cultural travel programs that foster respect, inquisitiveness, and appreciation.

With cultural travel, Holbrook creates a link between people and their environment that completes a circle of understanding of what it truly means to be in a place, not just in the humid air of the tropics, but also the friendly kitchen table of the local village. Experiencing life from within a culture opens the door to the unexpected and the wonderful. 

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Cultural Travel

Exploring Cuba with Mike Curry

May 24, 2024 - May 30, 2024

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Cultural Travel

Panama | A Taste of Panama: Canal, Rainforest, and Culture

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Chilean Frontiers: Patagonia and Rapa Nui

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