Bring your classroom to life

We’re experts at coordinating trips that immerse students in authentic natural environments and cultural experiences, and we can help you design an itinerary that’s filled with experiential learning opportunities such as language immersion, cultural exchange, scientific research, or service projects to support your curriculum and classroom goals.

Plan a Trip for K12 & Youth

Our youth expeditions can help your students develop critical thinking skills and provide a real-world context for concepts learned in the classroom.

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Plan a Trip for Colleges & Universities

With over 40 years of experience in educational travel, we’re experts at creating enriching and affordable custom travel programs for university students.

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Travel for K12 & Youth

Check out the sample trips below or browse all of our K12 & Youth expeditions

Student Travel

Costa Rica | Tropical Ecosystems: Exploring Biodiversity

7 Days | Choose your dates

Student Travel

Iceland | Discovering Iceland in Hella and Reykjavík

7 Days | Choose your dates

Travel for Colleges & Universities

Check out the sample trips below or browse all of our College & University expeditions

Student Travel

Costa Rica | Study Abroad: Site-based Learning

6 Days | Choose your dates

Student Travel

Belize | Study Abroad: Marine Science

7 Days | Choose your dates

Student Travel

Peru | Highlights of the Inca Empire

8 Days | Choose your dates

What makes us different

Educators travel for free

Become the leader of an educational travel group and you travel for free!

Marketing support and resources

We have all the tools necessary to help you plan, promote and sell your trip

Value for your money

We offer the highest quality educational content in the world of academic travel

Custom-tailored trips

We can customize your itinerary so that it’s the ideal match for your interests, travel dates, and budget

Hands-on learning

Our itineraries always include engaging activities that promote experiential learning. No “touring” out of a bus window when you’re on our trips

Flight arrangements

We’re a full service travel provider and are happy to assist with arranging the flights for your group if desired

Service anytime

Enjoy worry-free travel — our emergency line is monitored 24/7/365 so we can assist you if any problems arise while you’re traveling with us

Knowledgeable staff

With an average tenure of 15 years, our travel consultants are highly experienced at planning educational travel programs

Carbon offsetting

As part of our commitment to sustainable travel, we partner with ClimateSafe to offset the carbon emissions from each journey

Support local communities

We work with local guides and organizations so your trip includes authentic cultural experiences while supporting the economy of the region

Safety & security

Our extensive experience, risk management standards, precise safety protocols, and group insurance options can provide a worry-free travel experience for you and your students

Meals included

Other travel providers cut costs by not including meals, leaving you to coordinate where your group will be eating. We arrange meals for your group that are both delicious and typical of the local cuisine