The Isthmus of Panama bridges not only the North and South American continents, but also straddles the gap between a sophisticated international banking center and a pristine rainforest, fertile highlands and beautiful beaches, the Caribbean Sea and the Pacific Ocean. With its widespread mix of modern infrastructure, tropical forests and remote indigenous communities, Panama makes an ideal travel destination. 
While the historic canal first drew international attention to Panama, the country is a dynamic region that encompasses much more than its famous shipping route. When traveling on a Panama tour, visitors can experience many facets of this remarkable country. Panama’s high standard of living, fascinating indigenous populations and tremendous biodiversity make it an exciting country with endless avenues of exploration. Due to its unique geography, migrating birds from both North and South America pass through Panama between their summer and winter habitats. Diverse jungles located only 15 minutes from Panama City are home to jaguars, monkeys, and sloths. Gourmet, shade-grown coffee is farmed in highland plantations. Migratory killer whales and a resident population of sperm whales swim in waters fringed by some of the most vivid coral reefs in the American Pacific. At Panama’s southern tip lies the Darien National Park, a rainforest that has remained untouched by humans. On the San Blas Islands reside the Kuna people, a native tribe that maintains traditional ways in a remote setting. Holbrook’s Panama tours take visitors to the country’s established highlights as well as its rural, off-the-beaten-path areas. All of this incredible diversity packed into a small, accessible country where English is often spoken makes Panama a destination of choice for travelers with wide-ranging interests.

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