Thoughts of Brazil conjure images of Carnival and women dancing the samba, beautiful beaches, the Christ the Redeemer statue, soccer players in bright yellow jerseys, and the lush forests of Amazonia. These impressions of Brazil, though true, reflect only a small fraction of the country’s vibrant culture and natural treasures.

This Portuguese-speaking nation occupies almost half of the South American continent and is the fifth largest country in the world in both size and population. Landscapes and ecosystems vary widely — ranging from tropical rainforests and wetlands to savanna grasslands, mountains and coniferous forests. Brazil contains most of the world`s known species of mammals, plants, freshwater fish, and amphibians — a number of them endemic to the country — within its 8.5 million square kilometers. A top birding destination, the country is home to more than 1,700 recorded bird species, including favorites such as Hyacinth Macaw, Blaze-winged Parakeet, Toco Toucan, and Golden-collared Macaw.

To travel the length of Brazil’s extensive territory is a chance to view history through the cultural identities of each region. Observe native Indian influences in the villages and river communities of the Amazon; admire well-preserved colonial towns and immerse yourself in the rich Afro-Brazilian and Amerindian traditions of the northeast region; explore the cosmopolitan cities of São Paulo and Rio de Janeiro in the southeast; savor the food, wine, and Swiss-style chocolate of Brazil’s European-influenced south; and admire the sparsely populated mid-west site of the famed Pantanal.

Despite its dominating size within the South American continent, Brazil remains vastly under-explored and misunderstood. It is a land of great contrasts, puzzling contradictions and unique cultural flavors. Travel to Brazil with Holbrook and embark on an unforgettable visit to South America’s ultimate tropical Eden.

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