South Africa is a country of diversity, complexity, and endless opportunity. The sub-Saharan African nation contains a rich variety of wildlife and a staggering 22,000 species of plants, all of which is easily accessible to travelers. Rugged mountain ranges, endless white sand beaches, forests, and arid plains are only the beginning of the natural wonders to experience.

South Africa’s variety of beautiful and unique habitats are home to animals such as lions, elephants, zebras, leopards, baboons, hippos, rhinos, and penguins. Traverse the expansive savannahs of Krueger National Park, investigate the bush in pursuit of the Big Five, or search the southern coastline for whales as you participate in discussions on global species conservation.

South African culture is extremely rich and fascinating, providing social scientists abundant inspiration to engage in historical discourses of division, struggle and rebirth, and investigate present-day efforts towards unity, diversity, and opportunity. South Africa’s conservation policies — manifested in its large national parks, private game reserves, and wildlife management projects — are cutting-edge developments that serve as examples for conservation initiatives worldwide.

The same level of expertise and dedication Holbrook applies to uncovering South Africa’s cultural riches and abundant wildlife is applied to all of our trips to South Africa, from birding tours and photography trips to garden tours and family vacations. Whether it’s exploring the beautiful cosmopolitan city of Cape Town or becoming immersed in the vibrant culture of small indigenous villages that pepper the Wild Coast, Holbrook’s connections and expertise can transform your eco-tour in South Africa into an enduring educational experience.

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Natural History

Southern Africa | Optional Post-Trip Extension to Cape Town

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