Argentina, a land famous for its passionate tango, sumptuous steaks and exhilarating fútbol games, also contains surprising biological diversity. Marshes, forests, sculpted rock formations, ocean bays, glacial crags, smoldering volcanoes, lakes, sprawling arid plateaus and Andean peaks provide habitats for unique and endangered wildlife.

Argentina is home to large penguin colonies, whales, elephant seals, capybaras, endangered mammals, and a wide variety of bird species. Travelers can visit tiny Andean villages that stand in contrast to the large, colorful metropolis of Buenos Aires. Uncover the history and culture of this vast nation as you encounter 10,000-year-old cave paintings, ancient petrified forests, and Spanish colonial architecture along with the spectacular natural treasures of Argentina. 
The eighth largest country in the world by area, Argentina contains the tallest mountain in South America, Aconcagua, as well as the powerful Iguazú Falls, where 275 waterfalls surge into one massive gorge in the midst of a lush tropical jungle. 

On Holbrook’s Argentina ecotours, a variety of adventures await: See one of the world’s largest colonies of Magellanic Penguins; delve into marine studies at Península Valdés; explore Ushuaia, the southernmost city in the world, and traverse the grassy steppes and jagged icy peaks of Patagonia, South America’s southern frontier. With Holbrook, the possibilities in Argentina are as far-reaching as its terrain.

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Frontiers of Patagonia: Cape Horn, Tierra del Fuego and Beyond

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Antarctic Discovery aboard M/V Hondius

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