Our resources and support team includes accounting, marketing and office management personnel

Laurie McLaughlin

Vice President of Customer Services

Worked at Holbrook travel since: 1987
3 words that describe me: Loud, Caring, Late : )

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Laurie holds bachelor's degrees in general business administration and physical education from Mississippi State University. She has been to many places in the world, and while traveling she has been known to accidentally drive on the wrong side of the road, nearly giving her co-workers mini heart attacks.When she's not at the office, you're most likely to find Laurie playing tennis or spending time with her great nieces and nephews.

David Bruck

Chief Financial Officer

Worked at Holbrook travel since: 1991
Listening to: Sports radio

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David joined Holbrook in February of 1991 as part of the budding accounting department under the direction of Giovanna Holbrook. Over the years, David’s talent and contribution earned him the role of Chief Financial Officer. Under Holbrook’s umbrella, David earned an MBA from the University of Florida. David is in charge of the company’s fiscal management for corporate strategy of growth and solvency. David has visited Chile, Costa Rica, Mexico, Ecuador and the Galapagos Islands.

Hannah Sanchez


Worked at Holbrook travel since: 2014
Can't live without: Ice cream

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Hannah has a Bachelor of Science in Mathematics from the University of Florida. She started at Holbrook as receptionist and was later promoted to the accounting department. Hannah has traveled to Costa Rica and looks forward to future opportunities to go new places and see new things. In her free time she likes to go camping, spend time with her family, and read books about math. She is also an amateur artist and enjoys drawing with colored pencils and painting with watercolors. 

Lindsay Taulbee

Marketing Director

Worked at Holbrook travel since: 2012
Can't live without: Coffee

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Lindsay first joined the Holbrook Travel marketing team in 2012. Her current role as Marketing Director allows her to combine her background in marketing and journalism with her love for travel, nature, and world cultures. She particularly enjoys sharing travelers’ stories and experiences with the wider Holbrook community. In her free time, Lindsay can be found reading, cooking, and spending time outdoors. Her travels have taken her to more than a dozen countries so far; next on her list is Iceland!

María Ramírez

Marketing Communications Coordinator

Worked at Holbrook travel since: 2021
Dream Jeopardy! category: Boy bands


María was born and raised in Caracas, Venezuela and moved to the U.S. in 2011 to pursue a bachelor’s degree in public relations at the University of Florida. She joined Holbrook in 2021 as a Marketing Communications Coordinator to expand on her unwavering passion for world cultures. María has a background in international education, and she is a life-long language learner who speaks Spanish, English, and Portuguese, but hopes to learn many more. She hopes to have more opportunities to travel in the future and dreams of exploring New Zealand, South Africa, Indonesia, and all the corners of her native South America.

Sarah Mandile

Marketing Communications Coordinator

Worked at Holbrook travel since: 2023
Favorite travel memory: Kayaking the bioluminescent Mosquito Bay in Puerto Rico at midnight


Sarah Mandile joined Holbrook Travel in 2023 as a Marketing Communications Coordinator. She received a Bachelor’s Degree in journalism from the University of Florida before working as a Media and Marketing Assistant at a marine mammal research and education facility in the Florida Keys. Her interests in natural history and travel drew her to her current position at Holbrook. In her free time, you can find her reading, playing flute, and spoiling her cat. She looks forward to more opportunities to travel in the future and hopes to visit Iceland, New Zealand, and the Galapagos Islands.

Daniel Kowacz

I.T. Director

Worked at Holbrook travel since: 1997
Dream Jeopardy! category: Pittsburgh Steelers

800-451-7511 x367

Daniel studied at the University of Florida Continuing Education and New Horizons, and has certifications in programming, database management, software, hardware, and networking. Daniel's most memorable travel experience was donating fishing poles and tackle to the local kids in Honduras and teaching them how to fish with them.