Happy Earth Day!

Happy Earth Day!

Apr 22, 2015|News| by Nikki Giaquinto

There is no better way to appreciate the ground we stand on, the air we breathe, and the beautiful aspects of nature around us than celebrating with a holiday!


Earth Day is an annual event to celebrate the natural aspects of the planet’s environment and promote awareness about pollution. The first Earth Day was in 1970 by a Wisconsin senator named Gaylord Nelson, who proposed the idea of Earth Day after seeing the damage of the 1969 oil spill in Santa Barbara California. He really wanted to find a way to educate the public about the environment, and with much work and support from others, Nelson made Earth Day an annual event. Twenty five years later, in 1995, President Bill Clinton honored Nelson with the Presidential Medal for Freedom, the highest honor a civilian can receive, for being the founder of Earth Day.

Today, Earth Day has become a day that is celebrated and honored by many. In 2012, on April 22, 1 billion people in 192 different countries participated in Earth Day. Corporations, activists, and civilians all over the world celebrate Earth Day by holding rallies, conferences, service projects and outdoor activities. Children even participate in Earth Day by crafting Earth Day-themed projects.

Now, you might think, “How can I help celebrate Earth Day?” Well, here’s your answer:

  • Plant a tree, clean a stream, or help a local community garden
  • Incorporate little changes into your everyday routine such as turning off lights and not wasting water
  • Simply appreciate all that Mother Earth has to offer!

So, get off your computer, get outside, and protect and appreciate the beauty of the world around us!

Happy Earth Day!