Books to Read Before You Travel to Belize

Books to Read Before You Travel to Belize

Jan 23, 2015|Traveler ResourcesWhere we travel| by administrator

Our friends over at Longitude Books compiled a list of essential reading for travelers heading to Belize

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Tropical Nature by Adrian Forsyth | Ken Miyata Two uncommonly observant and thoughtful field biologists offer a lucid portrait of the tropics through 17 marvelous essays that introduce the habitats, ecology, plants and animals of the Central and South American rainforests.

Maya Art and Architecture by Mary Ellen Miller An illustrated overview of the art and architecture of the Maya, making use of the latest discoveries at Tikal, Copan and Palenque to demonstrate the range of Mayan artistic influence. Revised and updated, this new edition includes color illustrations throughout.

Belize, Travellers' Wildlife Guides by Les Beletsky An all-around field guide featuring color illustrations of 200 birds, 50 mammals, 150 coral reef creatures and 80 reptiles and amphibians.

Moon Handbook Belize by Chicki Mallan | Josh Berman A superb travel guide, featuring a chapter on Tikal, photographs, sketch maps and recommendations on where to go and what to do.

Belize Adventure Map by National Geographic A travel map of Belize, bordering Guatemala, at a scale of 1:400,000 showing all the national parks, including Tikal, and good topographical relief. Features an inset of Belize City.

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