Tips to Keep Personal Items Safe While You Fly

Tips to Keep Personal Items Safe While You Fly

Oct 8, 2014| by administrator

It can be easy to overlook the possibility of having personal items get lost or stolen while traveling on an airplane because usually you'll be with your belongings the whole time. However, it's always better to be safe than sorry, so here are a few tips to keep your possessions even more protected!

Keep it Contained
Put all of your valuables in one place. Designate one bag, preferably your carry-on, to hold all important documents, cash or credit cards, medications, etc. This will stop you from having to dig through all of your luggage in order to find something you need.

Four Essentials
There are four essentials to have on your person while on a plane. Always have your I.D., credit or debit card, cell phone, and any prescription medications that you need. If your luggage gets delayed or everything you own gets lost or stolen, you will be better off having these four items on you since they are hard to replace.

Stash It
Stow away your cash, wallet or valuables inside your carry-on that is going in the overhead bin. This is not easily accessible for people to steal from since they would have to take your bag down from the bin and open it up in the aisle and it will also prevent you from misplacing these items if you're carrying them.

Lock and Place
If you choose to put your carry-on in the overhead bin, put a lock on it to prevent others from trying to open it. Place your bag upside-down so that the bag rests on the outer pocket. The unique position will reduce the chances of your bag being accidentally taken by the wrong person, and also requires potential intruders to flip the bag over to open it.

Before You Go
It's important to double-check that you have all of your belongings before exiting the plane. Passports, electronics, and other valuables are frequently left behind, and it's often difficult to get items back if you've accidentally left them in your seat.

By using common sense and taking these simple precautions, you can save yourself from a possible crisis during your travels and focus on enjoying the adventure!