Video: A 50th Anniversary Celebration

Video: A 50th Anniversary Celebration

Jan 24, 2024|NewsHolbrook in the Field| by Holbrook Travel

As part of our 50th anniversary year, Holbrook Travel is proud to present the visual fulfillment of five decades of shared adventures and a firm commitment to responsible travel. There is a lot to celebrate from the last 50 years, so this video is our personal love letter to the gracious and unrelenting support we have received from our clients, who continue to put their trust in us, our providers and partners in the field, who work hand-in-glove with us to make the magic happen, our staff and global team, who are in many ways like family, and our incredible group leaders and guides in the field, who share their passion and knowledge with our travelers.

We feel thankful and blessed to be able to do the work we do alongside all of you and are looking forward to even more opportunities and exciting things to come, but we want to make sure to take in this moment and look back at what has built us. We were born out of Giovanna Holbrook’s great vision, and we keep moving forward thanks to her legacy, guidance, and the firm foundation she set for us to continue into a bright future with defined purpose. We hope you enjoy this journey through our past, and that you join us in the present and future for even more adventures!

Thank you to our travelers, staff, and guides for sharing their video footage!

Edited by Christa Markley

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