5 Countries to Consider for Travel Now

5 Countries to Consider for Travel Now

Jun 10, 2021|NewsWhere we travel| by Chris Bensley

Are you vaccinated and eager to travel internationally again? While U.S. citizens are increasingly vaccinated, the state of Covid-19 in other countries varies greatly, as do their restrictions with entry requirements. Where can you go now, safely and without too much difficulty?

Holbrook has dissected the international travel scene and presents 5 top destinations to consider next. This list leaves out Costa Rica, which we profiled recently and which remains a top choice for its ease of entry, proximity, health systems, and outdoor focus. Our homework includes reviewing the new CDC and U.S. State Department travel guidelines and the recommendations presented by a recent article in the New York Times: "I’m a U.S. Citizen. Where in the World Can I Go?"

These 5 destinations are among the safest, easiest to enter and depart, and provide stellar natural world experiences.

 Photo by Dennis Jarvis


Belize has always been a favorite destination for its accessibility, pristine natural world, and ancient Maya ruins. During the pandemic, Belize has been relatively free of the virus, with a total of 325 deaths from the outset. It is rated a Watch Level 1-Practice Usual Precautions by the CDC. To enter, any visitor over age 5 must show proof of full Covid-19 vaccine immunization at least 2 weeks before departure, or a negative test taken within 96 hours of arrival. Or a test can be taken at the airport on arrival for US $50.

Photo by Daniel Knieper


Iceland has managed to keep its borders protected and its citizens safe, recording only 29 deaths since the outbreak. Like Belize, the U.S. State Department gives it a level 1, the safest level. U.S. citizens with proof of vaccines or who were previously infected and have recovered may enter by registering in advance of travel. From an adventure perspective, there are few destinations that provide such dramatic geological wonders and cultural heritage, not to mention it has one of the lowest carbon footprints in the world and produces 85% of its energy needs.

 Photo by Eric Lindberg


East Africa remains a bucket list destination for many travelers, and Kenya has always been popular for its vast wildlife parks and ability to see the “Big Five.” Of all the African countries, it is considered one of the safest by the U.S. State Department with a level 2-Exercise Increased Caution rating. To enter, U.S. citizens are the only ones at this point that do not need to quarantine upon arrival. Visitors must have a negative PCR test taken in the 96 hours before arrival.

Photo by Pelin Karaca


Though Ecuador has had its share of outbreaks, the country is now stable and welcoming visitors, particularly for those who choose to visit the Galápagos Islands. Visitors must show they are fully vaccinated, a certificate proving recovery from Covid-19, or proof of a negative PCR test 3 days or less before entry. For those interested in natural history or birding, Ecuador offers a multitude of experiences from the highlands to the Galápagos.

 Gray whale by Debbie Jordan


Often overlooked despite its natural beauty, Mexico provides natural world experience like no other country. Among Holbrook's most popular expeditions are opportunities to witness the monarch butterfly migration, the gray whales of the Baja Peninsula, and birding programs in the Yucatan and beyond. Entry to Mexico is easy for U.S. travelers arriving by air, without a testing or quarantine requirement. Travel is inexpensive and it is close to home.


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