8 Ways to Travel More Responsibly

8 Ways to Travel More Responsibly

Oct 8, 2020|NewsTraveler Resources| by Holbrook Travel

As travelers, we have a duty to leave the places we visit better than we found them—to both minimize harm and ensure the impact of our actions is socially, culturally, and environmentally beneficial. Consider these 8 suggestions as you plan your next adventure.

Observe wildlife from a distance, and for your own safety and theirs don’t try to feed, approach or touch them. Also take care to not disturb nests and habitats or stress the wildlife with lights, artificial calls or loud noises.

International flights can easily create as much carbon dioxide as a month worth of driving, so it’s important to offset your carbon footprint from air travel. To offset the carbon emissions from our trips, we work with ClimateSafe to plant new trees that will reduce the greenhouse gases in the environment.

When visiting fragile ecosystems, wildlife conservation areas, or UNESCO World Heritage Sites, it is critical to leave them just as you found them. Be sure not to leave any waste or food behind, and don’t remove things like shells, sand, or artifacts that you may find.

Give back to the communities you’re visiting by taking part in a social or conservation project. Some of the service projects we offer on our trips include sea turtle tagging, restoring local schools, and helping to gather data for scientific research.

Help keep the money you spend stay in the local community while enjoying a unique experience by supporting local hotels & lodges. Whenever possible we have our travelers stay in local accommodations which can be just as comfortable and suited to Western standards as the big hotel chains.

Another great way to support the economy of the destination you’re visiting and empower local merchants is by buying from local artisans instead of souvenir shops. 

Get out of your comfort zone! The purpose of traveling is to experience new things and learn about other cultures, so eat at local restaurants or shop the local markets instead of going to the same familiar chains. You’ll have a more authentic experience while supporting the community you’re visiting. When possible, seek out ways to spend your tourism dollars in ways that support local indigenous communities.

Take the stress out of traveling by letting a tour operator do the hard work for you, but be sure the operator you choose uses eco-friendly & socially responsible practices like the ones we’ve highlighted above.

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