Meet Our Staff: Wendy Frazier

Meet Our Staff: Wendy Frazier

Sep 15, 2014| by administrator

Wendy Frazier
Job title: Air Specialist

Worked at Holbrook Travel since: 2000
Born: Lexington, Kentucky

Wendy received a bachelor's degree in anthropology and a master’s degree in secondary social studies education from the University of Florida. She taught high school for a few years before beginning work in travel. At Holbrook, she is the air team leader and serves as the primary liaison with our airline partners for contracts as well as managing group and individual air.

Her most memorable travel experience is a long story involving her hair, a monkey named Cheetah, a hat that he wanted, and biting. She is a self-described aspiring yogi, a Gators fan, a kitchen dirtier-upper, and a pug aficionado.

Congratulations on 14 years at Holbrook, Wendy!