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Holbrook's Holiday Birder Gift Guide

Holbrook's Holiday Birder Gift Guide

Dec 6, 2017|Birding| by Savanna Kearney

As the holiday season comes upon us, it’s time to start thinking about buying gifts for friends and family. If you know someone who is a birder, whether they’re just starting out or an expert in their field, here are some gift ideas for birding enthusiasts. Who knows? Maybe you’ll end up adding a few of these items to your own wish list!

Under $20

Rite in the Rain Birder’s Journal

This water-proof notebook is perfect for the avid birder, willing to spend time outdoors in all kinds of weather. $8.75

National Geographic Field Guide to the Birds of North America

Never miss a bird species with this up-to-date, best-selling North American bird field guide from National Geographic. $16.46


Cool Bird Box

These pre-made gift boxes are full of made-in-the-USA goodies for every birder’s dream. Choose from two different sizes, a kids gift box or you can even buy a monthly subscription to make the gift last! $37.99-$47.99

Brome Squirrel Solution Wild Bird Feeder

This gift is a great solution for backyard birders with a squirrel problem. Never let a squirrel get in the way of birdwatching again with this birdfeeder that comes with a lifetime limited warranty.  $44.98


Weekender Travel Vest

This vest is every birder’s dream, with UPF 50+ sun protection, 20 pockets, and stain-resistant and quick drying material. $89

Swiss Army Knife Swiss Champ

Since you never know what may come up during birding adventures, it can’t hurt to bring along a pocket knife with 33 different functions. From a can opener to scissors to wire cutter to screwdriver, this Swiss Army knife can do just about anything. $80

$100 and up

Vanguards Optics Birding Backpack

This sturdy and versatile backpack features water resistant and foliage-blending fabric, padded compartments, external clasps and cords, water-tight and heat insulated pockets, emergency whistle, optimal weight distribution and more. $139.99

Wingspan Optics Binoculars for Bird Watching

These high powered binoculars offer a bright, clear view for any birder. They’re fog-proof and water-proof, and feature an extra wide range of view, non-slip grip and a binocular harness. $169.99