Photo by Pat Fojut, WI

Photo of the Month: November 2023

Photo of the Month: November 2023

Nov 1, 2023|Where we travelHolbrook in the Field| by Holbrook Travel

Cordova, Alaska was full of adventure for three generations exploring Alaska for the first time. We hiked under massive Douglas fir and heard Bald Eagles, Pacific Wrens and Varied Thrush calling through the misty forest. The views show the picture-perfect mountains in the Chugach Wilderness, and the Orca Inlet was peaceful to watch the tide rise and fall.

It was peacefully quiet as we glided on the glacial lake among the icebergs from Sherman Glacier. The ice gave awesome glacial blue color and contrast to this wilderness of glacier, ice and water. The cold coming off the ice kept us moving to keep warm and the camaraderie was thrilling to experience. Our guides gave all of us confidence in kayaking in this very cold water. This circle of an iceberg was unique to have a doorway that we could go inside and feel surrounded by an ice castle.

Wonderful to take the Seawolf out to the sea otter colony near Prince William Sound. We watched the otters frolic and feeding in the Orca Inlet. The sea otters came close to investigate our boat.

Photo and story by Pat Fojut, WI
An Alaskan Family Adventure