Photo by Krisztina Scheeff, KS Nature Photography

Photo of the Month: May 2022

Photo of the Month: May 2022

May 1, 2022|Where we travelHolbrook in the Field| by Holbrook Travel

We were walking at Darwin Bay on Genovesa Island and heading back to our panga as the sun was slowly setting. Lots of sea lions on shore were lounging around, sleeping, enjoying their beach—but then I noticed this little girl looking right at me as she was asking for her photo to be taken. The great thing about the Galápagos Islands is the abundance of wildlife in a short distance, no matter where you look. So I spent a few minutes waiting for her to open her eyes, and she was a great model to let me get right in the center.

One of my favorite birds on this trip was the Red-billed Tropicbird. I mean, look at that long amazing tail! A sighting of the Galápagos Red-billed Tropicbird in flight is an especially mesmerizing and rewarding experience. Getting them on camera from a panga is not easy; however, thanks to the awesome crew and our driver Fernando from Tip Top II, who always got us in the right spot, we got them!

Photo and story by Krisztina Scheeff, KS Nature Photography
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