Kelly Worden

Photo of the Month: June 2019

Photo of the Month: June 2019

Jun 1, 2019|Where we travelHolbrook in the Field| by Holbrook Travel

Leading a group of students to Tanzania as part of our field biology class, Steve Kaye and I were slightly apprehensive as to whether or not this trip would be as wonderful as the previous two. This trip did not disappoint and ended up being familiar yet different, comfortable yet exciting. After visiting a part of the Serengeti ecosystem that we had not been to before, we explored the kopjes in the southern part Serengeti National Park. Coming over a slight hill, we found this female standing atop her very own ‘pride rock.’ We watched her descend the rocks and our eyes were drawn to movement at the base where we noticed 3 young cubs! We observed this family of four for a long time, valuing the opportunity to witness their behaviors and interactions. On this trip, we also visited Mto wa Mbu village where we were immersed in an amazing cultural experience that included everything from the biology of bananas to the proper way to make (and eat!) traditional foods. These two pictures capture the diversity of observations and experiences we were able to provide our students. Visiting Tanzania is a trip of a lifetime – over and over and over again.

Kelly Worden, PH.D.

Field Biology of Tanzania | Red Rocks Community College