Matthias Van Oosterhout

Photo of the Month: January 2016

Photo of the Month: January 2016

Jan 1, 2016|Where we travelHolbrook in the Field| by Holbrook Travel

Monteverde is known for its cloud forests. We were there to study and explore, and for many students it was their first time abroad. This photo represents the feeling of going somewhere new while you let others take the lead. It was the first zip line and none of us had any idea what we would find on the other side. It was really like flying into the unknown. Filled with adrenaline we all arrived safely on the other side. It was the highlight of a magnificent field trip. 

Below: The suspension bridges provided an exceptional look onto the rainforest canopy, but they bounce with every step, making them terrifying for some. Christina (pictured) was taking her time, bravely shuffling across the bridge while holding on firmly to the railing. She posed with a gently forced smile, but that day Christina overcame her fear of heights.

MATT VAN OOSTERHOUT Tropical Ecology in Costa Rica with Georgian Court University