Top 5 Snorkeling Spots in Fiji

Top 5 Snorkeling Spots in Fiji

Jul 21, 2015|Traveler Resources| by Ginny Annable

Made up of over 300 islands, Fiji is a goldmine for coral reefs and unparalleled snorkeling. With nutrient rich waters and passing currents, Fiji has one of the most significant populations of soft coral in the world, making for incredible coral gardens and extensive barrier reefs. With so many reefs and dive spots, it’s hard to decide where to start your Fijian adventure, but no visit is complete without checking out some of Fiji’s must-see snorkeling spots.

Rainbow Reef

In the Somosomo Strait lies Rainbow Reef, one of the most widely known reefs in Fiji. Due to the currents bringing an excess of nutrients, this site is one of the best displays of Fiji’s soft coral population. Among the rainbow of coral lives an abundance of wildlife, including clown triggerfish, countless anthiases, and the occasional leopard shark. While exploring this exotic reef, be sure to see The Great White Wall. This enormous perpendicular wall gets its color from the soft white coral that covers its surface. The wall reaches 150 feet deep and almost 200 feet across. Certainly one of the most popular snorkeling attractions, Rainbow Reef is a must-see in Fiji.

Navini Island

An exciting spot for beginner snorkelers and those wanting direct access, Navini Island is surrounded by a reef sanctuary just off the shore. The reef has low currents, making it easy to see marine life including anemonefish, large bluefins, grouper and even turtles. Start at the water’s edge and make your way around the island, or head out to the reef drop off. In deeper water, the coral is even more abundant with stunning brain and fan coral. For a relaxing and intimate experience, Navini Island brings the ocean to your front door.

Namena Marine Reserve

Between two of the largest islands in Fiji lies the tiny island of Namenalala. Here, the Namena Marine Reserve forms a horseshoe around the island, making it perfect for a view of Fiji’s incredible biodiversity. Home to more than 1,100 fish species and 400 corals, Namena displays marine life unparalleled by anywhere else. Be on the lookout for Blue Ribbon Eel and barracuda as you make your way through the water. During migratory seasons the reserve is known to host dolphins and whales. With easy access to a diverse and growing reef, this Fijian reserve holds unexplored wonders around every corner.

Great Astrolabe Reef

One of the largest coral reefs in the world, the Great Astrolabe Reef offers a wider variety of exploration than any other reef in Fiji. The diverse and colorful reef is located around Kadavu Island, a large and undeveloped island, making it a quiet and relaxing spot. Along with corals and marine life, Astrolabe offers the chance to see deep ocean drop offs, ideal for experienced divers. Named after the French ship “The Astrolabe” after it was grounded on the reef, there is also the opportunity to see shipwrecks. With so many options to explore, including shallow pinnacles and underwater coral gardens, it’s best to ask locals and expert divers where to begin your adventure.

Beqa Island Lagoon

If you’re excited to hop right in the water, Beqa Island Lagoon is the ideal starting point. Located off of Vita Levu, it is the closest to the international airport. The lagoon is over 100 square miles surrounded by a protective barrier reef allowing for calm, crystal clear waters. While Beqa does not hold the thick diversity of other snorkeling locations, it is the best around Vita Levu, and certain to fascinate and surprise. The underwater topography of this popular location is unique to the area, with pinnacles and bommies (columns of coral) around every turn.

Whether you’re a beginner at snorkeling or you’re an experienced diver, Fiji has something to offer. Each spot is unique and eye-opening and sure to be an experience you won’t soon forget. From diving the drop-off of the Great Astrolabe Reef to a leisurely afternoon swim at Navini Island, Fiji is sure to enchant even the most seasoned of travelers.