Spanish 101: Greetings and Questions

Spanish 101: Greetings and Questions

May 15, 2015|Traveler Resources| by Holbrook Travel

In part 1, we showed you how to say the letters of the alphabet and numbers in Spanish. This time, we’re learning some important basic phrases.


Hello Hola
How are you? Cómo está?
Very well Muy bien
Ok/Fine Bien
And you? Y usted?
Goodbye Adiós



What is your name? Cuál es su nombre?
  Cómo se llama usted?
My name is… Mi nombre es…
  Me llamo…
Where are you from? De dónde es usted?
I am from… Soy de…



Excuse me Con permiso
Please Por favor
Thank you (very much) (Muchas) Gracias
You’re welcome De nada
Sorry Lo siento
Nice to meet you Mucho gusto
No No
No problem No hay problema
Do you understand? Me entiende?
I understand Entiendo
I don’t understand No entiendo
Pardon? Cómo?



When? Cuándo?
Where? A dónde?
Why? Por qúe?
How? Cómo?
Who? Quién?
What? Qué?
How much does it cost? Cuánto cuesta?
How do you say in Spanish? Cómo se dice – en español?
Do you speak English? Habla inglés?
Where is the bathroom? Dónde está el baño?


Are there any other phrases you’d like to learn in Spanish? Let us know in the comments.

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