3 Great Reasons to Plan Group Travel Early

3 Great Reasons to Plan Group Travel Early

Apr 17, 2014|Traveler Resources| by administrator

Over the years we've noticed that group travel programs booked at least one year in advance are usually more successful than the ones that are booked closer to the date of departure. Planning your next program at least one year in advance can offer many benefits for you and your group.

1. It's more affordable - in many cases, booking in advance means getting better rates for your group.

• Lower land costs

• Lower airfare costs

2. It's more flexible - the earlier you book, the greater the likelihood that your top choices will be available for:

• Dates

• Accommodations

• Guides

• Activities

• Itinerary

• Flight schedules

3. It will be more successful  - the earlier you book your trip, the more likely it will be successful, because you'll have:

• More time to recruit participants

• Increased chances of filling your group

• Opportunities to add early enrollment incentives

• More time for planning and preparation 

Of course, it's not always possible to prepare a year or more in advance of a trip, but when you decide you want to travel we encourage you to get started as soon as you can. Even if you're not totally sure where you want to go yet, our team can help make suggestions for you based on your personal interests, dates, and budget. Give us a call — we'll help you get started today!