Tips To Get Through Airport Security Faster

Tips To Get Through Airport Security Faster

Jun 26, 2013| by administrator

Getting through airport security can be a hassle especially when you're in a hurry. Holbrook Travel has made a list with a few tips for you, so airport security checks can be a little less painful.

The first tip is somewhat obvious. Don't bring anything that can be used at a weapon in carry-on. This includes golf clubs, hammers, razors and scissors.

The next tip is a little less obvious. Avoid bringing obscure prohibited items. This can include snowglobes at some airports, gel-type candles, spray paint, strike-anywhere matches and aerosol (except personal care toiletries).

A new rule over the past several years has been a restriction on liquids. Each passenger is allowed one bag to consolidate their liquids in to limit the volume of liquids each person can have.

A good trick to help you remember the liquids rule is "3-1-1." Each person can have 3.4 ounce bottle or less, one quart-sized zip-top plastic bag, and one bag per passenger placed in the screening bin.

There are some exceptions to these rules (breastmilk), but be careful because airport security is known to be very strict.

Try to reduce the amount of liquids you bring in carry-on. For example, instead of bringing a bottle of shampoo, there are solid shampoos available. Some supermarkets also have travel-sized items that are acceptable to fly with.

Good luck and safe travels!

For more information on Transportation Security Administration rules and regulations click the link below.

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