Meet Our Staff: Lisa Palmese-Graubard

Meet Our Staff: Lisa Palmese-Graubard

Jul 7, 2014| by administrator

Lisa Palmese-Graubard
Job title: Specialty Travel Consultant

"I work with schools, individuals, and families to plan the type of travel experiences they are seeking, whether educational or fun. I use my firsthand travel experiences to make sure that every aspect of their experience exceeds their expectations."


Worked at Holbrook Travel since: 1990
Born: Long Island, New York, but grew up in the Florida Keys

Lisa says she was sucked into the world of travel by Holbrook Travel and there was no looking back. She has visited 18 countries, and considers Ecuador one of her favorite places because of the rich Andean culture, the breathtaking scenery and the beautiful blue water, and the snorkeling and sea lions on the Galápagos.

"I enjoy helping people in general. I really enjoy helping people become immersed in the local culture of the country they are visiting and helping them to fulfill dreams like swimming with sea lions or seeing wild elephants up close. So many aspects of travel have changed my life and I love that every day I can help others to experience the same."

Her hobbies include spending time with her family and being a mom to her daughter.

Lisa recently celebrated her 24th anniversary working at Holbrook Travel. Congratulations, Lisa!