Exploring the Ecosystems of Ecuador | Inspiration for Educators

Exploring the Ecosystems of Ecuador | Inspiration for Educators

Feb 3, 2015|K12 and YouthHolbrook in the Field| by administrator

If you saw the latest ad from the Tourism Board of Ecuador, you probably can't wait to visit this incredible country! We've curated a list of our very favorite trips, and this first one is perfect for educators — both high school teachers wanting to bring students on a field expedition, and professors bringing college and university students on faculty-led short course travel programs.   EXPLORINGECOSYS   Exploring the Ecosystems of Ecuador: Explore the various regions of Ecuador including Amazonia at the famous Casa del Suizo. Observe rare and unique wildlife while paddling down the calm rivers of the Amazon, discover cloud forest ecology at Bellavista Reserve, and hike through tropical dry forest at Machalilla National Park. Other highlights include a full-day cultural immersion in the Quichua community, a city tour of Quito, and a stop at Isla de la Plata to see the wildlife of the Galápagos at a fraction of the cost.   EDUCATIONAL FOCUS

  • Environmental Studies
  • Conservation
  • Experiential Learning
  • Cultural Immersion


  • Compare and contrast several distinct ecosystems including rainforest, cloud forest, and dry forest.
  • Experience full cultural immersion in native Amazonian culture at a local Quichua community.
  • Observe the unique wildlife of Isla de la Plata.
  • Learn about the rescue and rehabilitation of mammals at the Amazoonico Center.


Day 1 - Arrival in Quito

Day 2 - Quito. City tour; visit the Middle of the World Monument

Days 3-5 - Journey to the Amazon Rainforest. Enjoy hot springs; canoeing on the Napo River; rainforest hikes; visit Amazoonico animal rehabilitation center; learn about Quichua culture in the village of Ahuano

Day 6 - Return to Quito

Day 7 - Full day at Bellavista Cloud Forest. Learn about local conservation efforts; compare and contrast rainforest and cloud forest ecosystems

Day 8 - Continue to the Pacific coast; stop at a local palm tree plantation and extractor agri-business; visit the charming town of Ayampe

Day 9 - Hike through tropical dry forest at Machalilla National Park; visit the beautiful Las Frailes Beach

Day 10 -  Isla de la Plata. Boat ride to Isla de la Plata, nicknamed the "poor man's Galápagos" for hikes; see many of the species of the Galápagos; enjoy whale and dolphin watching; discuss conservation and different ecosystems of Ecuador

Day 11 - Visit Escuela de Ayampe to sample local education; meet school children; see a traditional dance performance; donate school supplies. Return to Guayaquil for flight home. Picture-244a

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