How to Survive Long Flights

How to Survive Long Flights

Oct 2, 2014| by administrator

Whether you're travelling to your vacation destination or you're en route to a conference for work, long flights can be draining. It's important to prepare beforehand so that you can enjoy your flight, so here's a list of ways to help you do just that.

Boredom Busters

Bring a source of entertainment for yourself. Whether it's your favorite book or your Gameboy, coming prepared with activities to occupy your mind will help pass the time. If you plan on bringing electronic devices, don't forget to charge them beforehand! Nothing will lower your spirits more than your iPod dying in the middle of an intense game of solitaire. Try not to check the time to much because it will seem to make the time pass slower, simply immerse yourself in your entertainment.

Catch Some Z's

Planning to sleep? Come prepared with a neck pillow or a sweater that you can lean your head on to ensure that you don't wake up all sore. If you get cold easily and happen to use a blanket, stay one step ahead of the flight attendants by keeping your seatbelt over the blanket so they don't disturb your sleep by asking you to buckle up if you hit some turbulence. Now all you need is possibly an eye mask to block out unwanted light and maybe some earplugs or headphones to drown out the sound of people chattering around you.

Crush Your Cravings

Get some food or snacks to bring on the plane with you to avoid those carb-loaded treats that airlines often provide. Just make sure you're not bringing anything onboard that violates custom's rules because there are often restrictions on fruits and meats.

Move Around

Stretches will help with those flights that seem to never end. Stretching improves circulation and prevents soreness that can occur from sitting in one spot for too long. Don't be afraid to get up and use the restroom either because the walk to and from will ease some tension.


Drink plenty of water, use eye drops and lip balm to protect yourself from the dry air on the plane. Try to avoid alcohol and caffeine, which will dehydrate you. Bringing a little bit of moisturizer can keep you comfortable by preventing your skin from drying-out.

Stay Healthy

Planes tend to be an environment that viruses thrive in, so prevention is key if you're worried about catching something. Wiping down armrests, seat belt fasteners and tray tables are some simple ways to prevent illness.

Choosing Your Seat

Sometimes seats in an exit row are available at an extra cost, but it might be worth it to ensure that your legs aren't getting crushed by the person's seat in front of you.

All of these things will help you to enjoy your flight a little more and hopefully have a great travel experience. Preparing for your long flight beforehand is key to survival.