Herpetology Symposium Featured on 'Field Herp Forum Radio'

Herpetology Symposium Featured on 'Field Herp Forum Radio'

Jul 16, 2013| by administrator

Holbrook Travel’s upcoming Costa Rican International Herpetology Symposium and Field Exploration was recently featured on "Field Herp Forum Radio," a talk show meant to bring together reptile and amphibian enthusiasts of all kinds.

Check out the radio segment here: http://www.herpnation.com/audio/fhf1-070513/

In the clip, Holbrook Travel’s Andrea Holbrook and educator/“herper” Chuck Vogel discuss what the symposium and Selva Verde Lodge are all about. As Vogel says, the conference brings herpers the best of both worlds by offering not only knowledgeable speakers and presentations but also an unbeatable opportunity to go out into the field and see Costa Rica’s diverse wildlife in its natural habitat.

Vogel, who has been going to Selva Verde Lodge in Costa Rica for about 10 years and has taken groups of students there as well, said you can’t beat the location and its incredible biodiversity. This is why the Herpetology Symposium attracts herpetology enthusiasts from all over the Americas.

For more information about the symposium, which will be held Sept. 2-7, visit: http://www.holbrooktravel.com/dated-departure/herpsymposium

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