Happy Arbor Day!

Happy Arbor Day!

Apr 19, 2014| by administrator


Happy Arbor Day, everyone! On this special day, celebrated on the last Friday of April, it is customary for people to plant trees to celebrate the importance of nature.

The first to celebrate Arbor Day in the United States was a man from Nebraska named J. Sterling Morton in 1872. Serving on the state board of agriculture and a member of the state horticultural society, Morton praised the honorable work of farmers and felt agriculture was a salient feature of society. After promoting his idea of dedicating a special day inspiring people to plant, nurture, and celebrate trees, the Nebraska State Board of Agriculture agreed to adopt Arbor Day. It is said that more than one million trees were planted on America's first Arbor Day.

While it is customary to celebrate this day by planting trees, there are other ways to show appreciation for renewable and sustainable trees. You can partake in a paper drive in order to recycle and save a tree. Go out and enjoy the great outdoors by taking a hike or walking through a park. You can read a book about trees to develop a better understanding and appreciation for nature.

No matter what you decide to do today, be sure to remember the importance of trees in our everyday lives, from providing us with a piece of paper to write on, to supplying us with oxygen in order to survive. Although trees are essential every day of the year, take time out of your day today to celebrate the gift of trees.