Gustafson Photo Safari in Tanzania - Day 6

Gustafson Photo Safari in Tanzania - Day 6

Apr 2, 2013| by administrator

By Todd Gustafson

This was a morning for the birds. We observed Eagle Owls hooting at each other, as well as some Snake Eagles, Black-shouldered Kites, Bateleur Eagles, Lilac-breasted Rollers and a KILLER Martial Eagle in flight. On the way home, we found one of the cheetah families of five hunting and training cubs with a baby impala. After that we saw the mom with two cubs and then ANOTHER mom with two cubs that we had never seen before. The cheetah count is now 18!

Lilac-breasted Rollers

Today’s afternoon drive was all about the leopard. While driving to the area where the mother leopard was last seen, we were rewarded by seeing her in a meadow hunting Guineafowl. Before we could get into position, we could only watch as she ran at a bird.  When it took off, she launched 8 feet into the air and clipped a wing. Feathers were flying, but the bird stayed in the air long enough to escape.  

She climbed a small Acacia tree and slept for the rest of the afternoon. I thought she would come down to nurse the cubs, but it took a long time. Just before sunset, she stretched, yawned, and came down the tree in an amazing headfirst descent. We got some great chances to watch her as she walked through short grass and open areas to where we think the cubs were tucked safely away. Maybe she’ll show them to us tomorrow.


I love relationships in nature photography. If it reflects aggression, humor, or love – I’m happy! If you’ve followed the posts from this safari, you will know who Black Socks is. The cub in front of the mother is him one year ago!

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