Gustafson India Photo Safari: Day 3 & 4

Gustafson India Photo Safari: Day 3 & 4

Jul 7, 2013| by administrator

Day Three

We took the high-speed train followed by a luxury coach bus to Khajuraho World Heritage Site. We moved in to our rooms in time to make the Sound and Light Show that tells the story of these ninth and 10th century Hindu temple complex. The story of these 85 temples was told as they were illuminated one by one. Exposure was the key to the success of this photo shoot. With a black night sky it’s easy to over expose the lighted temples and lose the detail of each structure.

 Day Four

Khajurajo Temples at first light is a sight to see. Our guide was aware of our photo needs and let us wander the grounds while the light was good and there were no other people around. After an hour and a half of great shooting, we met up and he told us the story of what we had been shooting. Each temple was absolutely covered with sand stone carvings of humans, gods and animals. Every carving had a story.

We got to Bandhavgarh around 5:30 p.m. and drove through the buffer zone of the park in golden light. There was a meadow and pond where a herd of sambar was drinking, spotted deer were grazing. Two were mating, and a peacock was displaying for three peahens. I took it as a good sign for our tiger safari. We had some Masala tea and got an overview of the park rules and what to expect on a tiger safari. Our drivers brought our jeeps around so we knew what to expect in the morning. Everyone was super excited and was dreaming of what the next day would bring.

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