Geoman’s Journey on the Amazon River

Geoman’s Journey on the Amazon River

Apr 19, 2013| by administrator

Herb Thompson, who also goes by the name “Geoman,” is at it again, sailing down the world’s largest river in Peru. On this trip, Geoman is working hard to deliver school supplies to various river-community schools that have been “adopted” or sponsored by schools back in the United States through the Civil Association for Conservation of the Peruvian Amazon Environment (CONAPAC) and Explorama’s Adpot-a-School Program.  

Paper, chalk, markers, posters, sports balls, and books are among some of the donations the group is distributing. Many, if not all, of the Peruvian students are also given packets of more personal supplies with notebooks, folders, writing instruments and rulers. During this trip alone, Geoman and the other volunteers have provided school supplies to more than 50 schools!

School supplies

On the trip, the group has also been changing lives with much more than just school supplies. Geoman and the volunteers are assembling and installing Sawyer water filtration systems in some of the local villages. Through the volunteers’ efforts, more than 100 people will have access to a safe water supply for the first time.

Geoman with water system

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School children with new packets