Day 14 - Last drive in the Ngorongoro Crater

Day 14 - Last drive in the Ngorongoro Crater

Oct 3, 2013| by administrator

The Mungi Pride was on the move. These guys have all grown up and are expert buffalo killers. They looked like they were on the hunt but far from the road. We left them to it and looked for other stuff. There were lots of lions out but none in great photo situations. The lake was beautiful so we hung out there and photographed the flamingos and Pied Avocets. We left the Crater at 10:00 and begin the long trek home. At the African Tulip I got all the gear back from people, packed, got a couple of Fanta Passions, left a 32 GB card in James’s vehicle by accident, and got to the airport for my flight to Amsterdam.


I’m planning next summer’s Tanzania safari for the same time frame with the same itinerary. For information on this and other Gustafson Photo Safari tours go to the website at or send an email to

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