Costa Rica with Gustafson Photo Safari - Day 9

Costa Rica with Gustafson Photo Safari - Day 9

Mar 25, 2013| by administrator

The hotel in San José has extensive gardens that were just the ticket for a morning before the flight photo shoot. Those who still wanted to get a few more photos were wandering the grounds for fantastic tropical flowers, textures, and even a Turquoise-browed Motmot. It was a serious pack before the flight home — there had to be room for Costa Rican chocolates, cookies, and coffee! Everyone at the hotel was ecstatic about the number of expected and unexpected photo opportunities we had on this trip. Once again, nature proves there is always something new!

Here are some last thoughts on the Costa Rica trip. Instead of giving you the "blog" version, here’s what I wrote to my wife after the sea turtles hatched:

Oh, my God, Julie!  This was something to see.  When we got to Tortugero the lady that runs the hotel said the sea turtles were hatching.  I had no idea.  I know they come here in July to lay eggs, but this trip never mentions that we could see the hatching. I couldn’t breathe!  When we got to the beach we were the only people there. You know that feeling where you heard something great could happen but you really don’t think it will? We walked along the beach looking at these depressions in the sand and our local guide said “empty …empty …empty…” You just know it ain’t gonna happen. You should have been here last Tuesday…

When it happened it was like witnessing a miracle. Like I said, I couldn’t breathe and when we were back on the boat heading home I was looking at the pictures and my eyes started watering and all emotional… Yehudi said he loves this part of his job where he can show someone something that will affect them like that.


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