Colombia's Santa Marta Mountains provide habitat for a high number of endemic bird species.
Ian Segebarth

Protecting Bird Habitats in Partnership with National Audubon

Protecting Bird Habitats in Partnership with National Audubon

Jul 25, 2016|BirdingNews| by Holbrook Travel

Holbrook Travel is excited to be selected by National Audubon Society to help support bird-based tourism in key areas along the flyways for migratory and local species. Under the international alliances program, we are offering a series of specially designed birding trips. These trips provide an economic component that makes conservation work more sustainable, creating jobs in communities and thereby protecting the surrounding biodiversity and natural resources.

As part of this partnership, our travel itineraries will offer something special - an opportunity to make you a partner in furthering international conservation efforts. Participants who choose to take these tours in order to see and enjoy the natural riches will have a direct economic impact on the local people, help preserve Important Bird and Biodiversity Areas (IBAs) and develop a vibrant ecotourism industry. Just by simply visiting conservation areas with our trained guides, you will help protect threatened bird habitats.

Click here to learn how National Audubon is protecting birds across the Western Hemisphere.

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