Big Bad Alaskan Wildlife

Big Bad Alaskan Wildlife

Mar 31, 2014| by administrator

Alaska is by far the largest state, being the size of half of continental US. It comes as no surprise, then, that Alaska is home to some of the biggest animals in North America and the world. Because Alaska is the least densely populated state in the country, there is incredible space for its abundant and diverse wildlife. Its cooler climate, forested areas, and vast coasts allows for a variety of animals to call this state home.


1. Brown Bear

The state of Alaska holds roughly 98% of the America's brown bear population. The majority of these bears are Grizzly, but Kodiak Island is home to the Kodiak bear subspecies, which is the world's largest brown bear. Male Kodiaks can grow up to 10 feet tall and weigh between 800 to 1,400 pounds.


2. Wolf

While wolves in the tropics could be no bigger than an average dog, wolves in Alaska and Canada can reach gargantuan sizes. The largest wolf killed in North America was in 1939 in Alaska, weighing just over 175 pounds.


3. Moose

The Alaska subspecies of moose is the largest in the world, with adult males weighing between 1,200 and 1,600 pounds, and females weighing up to 1,300 pounds. Moose are so abundant in Alaska, there is frequent interaction with humans, and they are one of the most common Alaskan icon. Only bull moose can grow antlers, and moose do not have upper front teeth.


4. Orca

Orcas, or Killer Whales, are among the fastest marine mammals, reaching speeds of over 30 knots. While they're not known for being vicious towards humans, an orca, using its 5-inch long teeth, can kill a shark by holding it upside down underwater for 15 minutes.


5. Bald Eagle

Alaska not only has the largest resident population of Bald Eagles, but it is also home to the largest eagles in size, with females weighing up to 17 pounds and a wingspan of 8 feet. It is our country's national bird and, it may be worth mentioning, they are not actually bald.

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