At Holbrook Travel, we’re committed to providing travel programs that are appropriate for the ages and interests of the Girl Scouts and support the Girl Scout initiative to prepare girls to become active participants in their local and global communities. To meet this goal, our itineraries include opportunities for the girls to have fun while learning, engage with in-country Girl Scouts, and take part in the decision-making process along the way. Our hope is that the experiences the girls have while traveling will be monumental in their transition to becoming mature young women. 

Holbrook has been creating custom programs for Girl Scouts since 2007. In that time, Girl Scouts have traveled on numerous Destinations trips to places across the globe, such as Iceland, Guatemala, South Africa, and more. Through these programs with us, Girl Scouts have encountered exciting, life-changing international experiences, creating memories that will impact their lives forever. 

Trips to over 30 countries and US locations 

Holbrook offers trips to over 30 countries, including 15 countries in Latin America, several countries in Africa and Asia, as well as trips to Antarctica, Iceland, Alaska, Australia, and New Zealand. 

Tailored for Girl Scouts 

Established as a woman-owned business back in 1974, Holbrook has a long history of offering travel experiences with a strong focus on natural science, culture and service-learning. Our trips are a perfect fit for Girl Scouts and are custom-tailored to their needs. After traveling with us your girls will come home with more than just souvenirs:

  • We are able to set up interactions between your troop and the Girl Scouts and Girl Guide groups in the country you’ll be visiting.
  • While traveling, girls will have opportunities to earn various awards offered by Girl Scouts, adding to the insignia on their uniforms.
  • Through the many hands-on activities, the girls will undergo physical and mental challenges, requiring them to work efficiently together and use critical-thinking skills.
  • Lastly, any Girl Scout who is hoping to earn her Silver or Gold Award will discover and learn about issues in a foreign place, which could later assist her in identifying an issue in her own community to focus on for her project.

Above all else, our programs can help girls to grow as individuals, discover new ways to work together, and gain practical skills while learning about the world around them. 

Single point of contact 

Instead of working with 3 or 4 points of contact for a single trip, you’ll work one-on-one with one of our travel consultants through the whole process of setting up your trip and on any subsequent trips your troop takes with us. 

Planning and logistics management 

We take care of all the planning and logistics so you don’t have to spend time trying to organize flights, accommodations, meals, guides and activities.

Once you have a location in mind, your travel consultant will work up a trip itinerary and cost for you to review and make changes if needed. Once you approve the itinerary, Holbrook takes care of all the rest. 

Expert guides 

Our guides have expert knowledge in the field and are able to make your trip go as smoothly as possible. From the time your guide meets you at the airport to your departure you and your girls will be in good hands. 

Nature & Cultural Expeditions 

The focus of Holbrook trips is not sightseeing but on the natural and cultural aspects of a country. During a typical day the group might visit two or three different places, spending 2-3 hours at each place talking with the local community or exploring the natural wonders that make that place unique. 

What our leaders are saying about our Girl Scouts programs: 

"I’ve had the opportunity to take girls to Hawaii, Guatemala, and Iceland through the Girl Scout destinations program and Holbrook Travel. All of these experiences were amazing for the girls and the chaperones. When I tell people I’ve taken girls to destinations like these, I always hear, 'Wow, that must have been a lot of work for you to organize everything!' Holbrook Travel arranges the airfare, accommodations, guides, food; just about everything. It’s great that the chaperones can just worry about making sure the girls are having the time of their lives, which, of course, they do." 

- Lesley Robinson

Girl Scouts of Eastern South Carolina, group leader