Hawaii summons images of a tropical paradise, luaus and leis, flowing volcanoes and turquoise waters. Whether hiking through a rainforest, kayaking with marine life, or camping where Captain Cook first encountered this extraordinary island, visitors have endless opportunities to experience the history and beauty of Hawaii.
The Hawaiian archipelago is made up of six major islands, which were formed long ago by a series of volcanic eruptions. The first settlers of the islands brought with them Polynesian traditions, many of which are still evident in different aspects of Hawaii, from its cuisine to the well-known hula dance. The islands’ climates range from subarctic to tropical, with ecosystems from deserts and rainforests to mountains and valleys. Travelers can be sure to encounter an array of unique plants and animals including more endangered species than any other state. Hawaii is also home to array of birds, many of which, such as the Nene Goose and the Scarlet Hawaiian Honeycreeper, are native to the islands. Hawaii’s clear Pacific waters are ideal for spotting colorful fish while snorkeling in bays or reefs. The islands also provide breathtaking and ecologically diverse environments such as black- and green-sand beaches, lush rainforest and one of the world’s most active volcanoes. In addition to its unique terrains, approximately 90 percent of Hawaii’s flora and fauna are indigenous to the islands. Holbrook’s in-depth knowledge of Hawaii’s top destinations and strong relationships with our providers allow visitors to experience the very best of Hawaiian culture, nature, and adventure.