Alaska’s majestic mountain peaks, green temperate forests, and nearly 34,000 miles of protected coastal waters contain breathtaking scenery and biological wonders. In addition to the expansive grasslands and thick, tundra forests, Alaska also has several active volcanoes and glacier-carved mountains — including Denali, which, at 20,320 feet, is the highest peak in North America. 

The largest and least densely populated state in the United States, Alaska’s culturally diverse residents live in an area approximately one-fifth the size of the land mass of the entire lower 48 states. With approximately 571,951 square miles of land, abundant space remains for cultural and natural history to flourish. Travelers have the opportunity to see polar bears, grizzly bears, humpback whales, sea otters, moose, Bald Eagles, and other wildlife in their astounding natural habitats. Alaska is also home to many different species of birds, including albatross, cranes, and puffins. 

Holbrook’s mission is to present you with the opportunity to learn about the wildlife and ecology first-hand. Alaska is a unique and fascinating destination for those wishing to encounter the last frontier, and our experienced guides lead travelers on a stirring adventure with activities, such as skiing, fishing, boating and hiking. 

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Alaska | Friends In Nature Tours with Diana McPherson Photography

Aug 7, 2021 - Aug 15, 2021
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Alaska Wildlife Photography

with Jennifer Leigh Warner & Alicia Amerson
Jul 24, 2021 - Aug 1, 2021
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Alaska | with KS Nature Photography

Aug 7, 2022 - Aug 15, 2022

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Alaska | Cordova: Alaska`s Hidden Treasure

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Alaska | Exploring the Last Frontier: A Friends and Family Adventure

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Alaska Up Close | Prince William Sound to the Kenai Peninsula

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