Quality Coordinator - Job Description

Founded in 1974 by Giovanna Holbrook, Holbrook Travel is based in Gainesville, Florida. Holbrook Travel is dedicated to offering quality educational, natural history, and specialty travel coordination for groups and individuals. Holbrook is primarily a business-to-business travel provider working with institutions, nature organizations, educational organizations as well as individuals who lead private groups or families and friends that travel independently. Holbrook also owns and operates Selva Verde Lodge and Private Reserve in Costa Rica, which protects roughly 500 acres of rainforest.

Holbrook’s mission is to provide a true connection between our travelers and the environments and cultures of our destinations. Holbrook combines reliable travel services with a deep network of contacts within our destinations to create experiences that last a lifetime. In addition, Holbrook is able to create programming that tells the stories and supports the missions of organizations that we serve.  

Holbrook has a commitment to the principals of sustainable tourism and believes that responsible tourism is a key to understanding and protecting the natural and cultural diversity of our planet. Two hallmarks of sustainable tourism at Holbrook are the support for the Sarapiquí Conservation Learning Center, a library and community center closely connected to Selva Verde Lodge, and the carbon offset program which has been in place since 2008.

Our primary areas of expertise are Latin America, Africa and points beyond. Countries such as Costa Rica, Belize, Honduras, Ecuador and the Galápagos Islands, Peru, Kenya, Tanzania, and South Africa are some of the regions in which we operate.

The position works within our Product Development Department team to handle the functions and tasks related to quality, safety & risk management. This position can be in-office or home-based. Staff members that are based locally may work from home 2 days per week if desired. A minimum of 3 weeks training in the Gainesville office is required if the staff member is not local.

Roles & Responsibilities

Incident Management
  • Managing incoming communication related to field incidents
  • Reviewing and analyzing the information
  • Communicating with client(s), field partners, participants, internal team
  • Managing incidents such as natural disasters, observed behavior from the field, health issues
  • Following protocols for emergency and incident management
  • Creating and filing summaries and reports
  • Following up on customer care until resolution
  • Problem-solving with internal and external team for best participant outcomes
  • Zoom interaction with internal and external clients as needed to resolve issues
  • Collaboration with internal teams on preventive customer service issues
  • Reading and assessing client evaluations
  • Reading and assessing group leaders' reports
  • Proposing and collaborating on action items
  • Responding to client correspondence
  • Managing and communicating compensation with client and internal team
  • Communicating and following up on action plans with field partners
On call / after-hours
  • Availability to be on a rotating schedule for after hours, weekends and holidays to respond to our after-hours / emergency phone line (additional compensation for that time)

Qualities & Character

  • Strong customer service skills for internal and external clients
  • Excellent written and verbal communication skills
  • Excellent teamwork and collaboration skills
  • Ability to show empathy and exercise patience
  • Attention to detail
  • Flexible and adaptable
  • Ability to work with a multicultural environment
  • Ability to problem solve   
  • Ability to work under pressure

Qualifications, Skills, Experience & Background Needed

  • Bachelor’s degree in any field preferred
  • Previous customer service experience preferred
  • Ability to travel internationally required
  • Conversant with Microsoft Office applications
  • Intermediate or advanced Spanish is a plus

Salary & Benefits

  • Salary: $34,000
  • 50% health insurance premiums covered first & second year of employment for employee, 75% the third year, then 100% after completing 3 full years
  • Dental coverage which includes 2 cleanings per year, x-rays, and additional benefits for more extensive procedures
  • 2 weeks paid vacation; 3 weeks after your 5th year of employment
  • 6 paid holidays

Pay Periods

Salaries are paid on a bi-weekly basis with 26 pay periods per year.


Salary increases and discretionary bonuses are not predetermined and are reviewed periodically based on a variety of factors including performance, seniority, and overall financial condition of the company. Salary adjustments are typically undertaken within the context of appraisals or employee reviews. A discretionary bonus based on company performance is typically done at year end.

Probationary Period

Each employee is hired on the basis of a 90-day orientation and evaluation period. These first three months are very important for you as well as for the company. Each party will have the opportunity to determine if the abilities and job assignment match.

To apply

Send your resume and cover letter to travel@holbrooktravel.com