Grey Whales in Baja
Photo by David Wimpfheimer

The Friendly Whales of the Baja Peninsula

The Friendly Whales of the Baja Peninsula

Aug 8, 2018|Where we travel| by Holbrook Travel
Article by guest contributor, Kevin Stockmann 

Gray Whales & Desert Trails – Natural History trip with Marin Nature Adventures

The gray whales of Baja California may be the friendliest whales on Earth. Mothers actively teach their calves to approach small boats, sometimes lifting them out of the water to interact with people. Whale tourism is the backbone of the local economy and a prime motivation for conservation. Strict regulations limit the number of whale-watch vessels, which are owned and operated by Mexican fisherman. Whales often approach with gentle curiosity to be photographed and touched. Photographers should pack their wide-angle lenses.

 Looking for gray whales

Photo by Kevin Stockmann

This trip features three encounters with the gray whales in the Pacific coastal lagoons plus a boat cruise in the Loreto Bay National Marine Park where we might see Blue, Fin or Humpback whales. Our days will be a mix of education, walking and relaxation. There will be optional guided birdwatching every day and chances to observe several North American birds that can be difficult to find north of the border including: Yellow-footed Gull, Great Frigatebird, Mangrove Warbler and Verdin. This trip includes three fulltime guides: Sharon & Kevin of Marin Nature Adventures and a bilingual local naturalist. Space is limited; register by October 15, 2018.

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