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Essential tips for choosing an adventure expedition

Essential tips for choosing an adventure expedition

Apr 11, 2019|Traveler Resources| by Holbrook Travel

Considering an adventure afar?

Whether you are an independent traveler or a trip organizer, choosing your next expedition can be overwhelming. Why not take a different approach? Why not step out of your comfort zone and go further afar?

Going the extra distance opens up a whole new world, a chance to expand your mind through a dramatic change in culture and geography whether it be Africa, South America or beyond.

Still, it can be overwhelming to decide on an itinerary from the thousands of different options available to travelers and figure out exactly what you want. When choosing an adventure expedition, here are some helpful guidelines to set you on your way.   

 Glacier hiking in Patagonia

Photo by Laura Hare

1. Develop a mindset for adventure – Before even selecting a destination, a crucial step is to be open to a variety of possibilities. Journeying the extra miles can take you to a whole new world but it starts at home with an open mind. In her groundbreaking book on mindset, author Carol Dweck writes that “a growth mindset starts with a love of learning and resilience.” Likewise, setting up a traveler mindset is a crucial step to choosing a trip that will provide deeply satisfying experiences and outcomes for personal discovery. This might mean looking at locations you hadn’t previously considered but can provide insights and experiences that didn’t pique your interest until learning of their existence.

2. Research different destinations – With the right mindset, now it’s time to focus in on the specific country you will be visiting. In order to truly find the ideal afar destination that’s best for you, do research on possible destinations that provide a new perspective on your preferences for adventure. Learning more about a country’s culture, food, natural features, ecology, and tours offered will help you get a better idea of what best fits your needs and wants and can help you make an educated decision.

 Horseback riding in New Zealand

Photo by Debbie Jordan

3. Decide what type of adventure you want – Next, narrow down your decision by deciding what type of trip you want to take. If you seek active outdoor activities, look for countries that provide superior hiking, rafting, zip lining or kayaking. If your true passion is birding, choose a country with high levels of bird populations like Colombia or Costa Rica with both endemics and migrating species. If you prefer cultural immersion or history, pick a place that offers community interaction or archaeological ruins, like Peru or Panama. Choosing a destination that best fits your preferences will help you achieve your dream expedition.

4. Know when to go – Now that you’ve figured out where you’re going, it’s time to decide when you’re going. Depending on the kinds of activities you want to do, it’s important to know the different seasons and weather patterns year-round to determine the best time to visit. Avoid going at times of year when the weather conditions are too harsh, like rafting when water levels are dangerously high, hiking when snow covers mountain trails, taking a walking tour in the middle of the rainy season, or snorkeling when the waters are choppy, for a safer and more pleasant experience. Also, be aware of peak visiting times if you wish to avoid bigger crowds and higher prices during your trip.

On a game drive in Kenya

Photo by Eric Lindberg

5. Choose your itinerary and organization wisely – Now it’s time for the fun part – organizing all of the fun activities you will be doing abroad. When figuring out your itinerary, it’s important to keep a couple things in mind. First, determine whether you want it to be jam-packed with activities or whether you‘d prefer more leisure time in between excursions. Knowing the physical limits of your body and how much activity you will be able to handle each day will help you decide this. Also, when booking tours, make sure the company or tour guides you select have some sort of credentials or certifications to ensure they are trustworthy and experienced. Learn about the organization you’ll be traveling with – each has its own personality. And always keep your safety in mind when choosing activities to go onto the itinerary.

Although planning and executing an adventure expedition can be overwhelming, these guidelines can get you off the ground running to take your first steps out of your comfort zone and into the worlds that await.

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