Selva Verde Lodge: Leading the Way in Responsible Travel

Selva Verde Lodge: Leading the Way in Responsible Travel

Jun 6, 2013| by administrator

At Selva Verde Lodge in Costa Rica, we are committed to offering memorable travel experiences while minimizing the negative impacts on the environment and maximizing the positive effects on the community. As of 2012, we are proud to say that the lodge has been awarded four of the five levels of sustainability through the Costa Rican Tourism Board’s Certification for Sustainable Tourism (CST) Program. The certification takes into account the lodge’s environmental impact, community impact and increasing environmental awareness.

Selva Verde, which was founded with a focus on ecological conservation and education, opened its doors in 1985 after Giovanna Holbrook discovered a large plot of land up for sale while visiting Costa Rica in search of lodging for an upcoming trip she was planning. She bought the land immediately with hopes of preserving the 500 acres of endangered rainforest. And so began the distinguished destination that today brings together nature lovers from around the world and continues to make strides toward making the world a better place through sustainability and education.

In partnership with the Sarapiquí Conservation Learning Center, Selva Verde Lodge offers educational opportunities for locals of all ages, including English classes, computer literacy classes, environmental education and after-school activities, and it promotes cultural exchange between visitors and locals through service projects and other activities. The lodge also uses and encourages the use of solar energy, recycling, composting and biodegradable cleaning products and is a member of the Foundation of National Parks, which helps to preserve Costa Rica’s parks and protected areas.

Through its goals to educate visitors through cultural and ecological immersion and to help the local people and wildlife to achieve a sustainable future, we hope for Selva Verde Lodge and the Sarapiquí Conservation Learning Center to serve as a model for sustainability and responsible tourism in Costa Rica and beyond. We’re honored that the Costa Rican Tourism Board recognizes those efforts!

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