SCLC Bird-a-Thon spots 162 bird species with local youth

SCLC Bird-a-Thon spots 162 bird species with local youth

Oct 16, 2012| by administrator

The Sarapiqui Conservation Learning Center, in celebration of the 20th anniversary of the International Migratory Bird Day, decided to restart its Bird Club this year and organize the first SCLC Bird-a-Thon "Giving Wings to Children". This year's International Migratory Bird Day theme was "Connecting People to Bird Observation" - and the SCLC did just that.

The Bird-a-Thon had three goals - first, to offer local bird enthusiasts (mostly children) an opportunity to learn more about the birds in their local area; second, to connect local guides with these children who are interested in learning more about birds or becoming future guides; and third, to raise funds to provide some of the needs of the Bird Club.

The Bird-a-Thon took place on May 12th, and all of its goals were reached. The SCLC was able to raise $490 for the Bird-a-Thon, and in three locations - Refugio Lapa Verde, Selva Verde Lodge and Albergue el Socorro - 162 species of birds and 806 individual birds were spotted in one day. Nine local guides and bird enthusiasts along with 14 children from nearby communities of El Roble and Chilamate participated to connect with each other and learn more about birding.

If you are interested in learning more about the SCLC or would like to support its journey, visit Some of the SCLC's Bird Club needs include bird guides, field work kits, monthly transportations to different birding locations, and binoculars. If you are ever in the area near Selva Verde, donate a pair of binoculars!