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Galleries: 2023's Best Travel & Nature Photography From Around the Web

Galleries: 2023's Best Travel & Nature Photography From Around the Web

Nov 17, 2023|Photography| by Holbrook Travel

At its best, photography transports you to another place, telling a story about its people, nature, or landscapes. With the start of a new year just around the corner, we've compiled some of 2023's best travel and nature photography, as selected by various publications and photo competitions. These images feature locations around the world and inspiration for the year ahead. Enjoy!

Nature Photographer of the Year
"Nature Photographer of the Year - 2023 Winners"
A spectacled bear surrounded by Spanish moss up in the tree branches took this year's overall prize. Across categories ranging from "Mammals" and "Birds" to "Human and Nature" and "Underwater," other honorees include a well-camouflaged chameleon in Madagascar, a portrait of a sea lion in the Baja Peninsula, and a series following a jaguar in the Yucatán.

The Nature Conservancy
"2023 Global Photo Contest Winners"
There are lots of great captures in this gallery, presented by The Nature Conservancy. An icy view of Ecuador's Cotopaxi Volcano, an underwater look at an axolotl in Mexico, and bioluminescent ghost mushrooms in Australia are some of the standouts.

The Washington Post
"Travel Photo Contest - 2023 Winners"
From a gorilla lose-up in Rwanda to penguins on the ice in Antarctica, these images tell the story of fascinating travel experiences.

"The 2023 Audubon Photography Awards: Winners and Honorable Mentions"
From more than 9,000 entries, Audubon recognized among its winners an Atlantic Puffin in Iceland, a diving Chinstrap Penguin in Antarctica, and a Brown Pelican in the Galápagos.

Wildlife Photographer of the Year
"Winners of Wildlife Photographer of the Year 2023"
Developed and produced by the Natural History Museum, London, this annual contest has been going since 1965. A tapir in the Brazilian rainforest, hippos in South Africa, and a long exposure of fireflies in India are among this year's winners.

National Geographic
"Best Wildlife Photos from 2023"
These 18 photos, selected by National Geographic’s photo editors as the publication's top wildlife photos of the year, include a spider atop a banana flower in Ecuador, white rhinos at Ol Pejeta Conservancy in Kenya, and orcas hunting in the Antarctic.