Help Save Science in the Galápagos

Help Save Science in the Galápagos

Dec 3, 2014|NewsWhere we travel| by administrator

A little farther off the west coast of Ecuador, the serene and picturesque Galápagos have captivated visitors with endless opportunities to snorkel with sea lions, meet giant tortoises and interact with all of the other endemic and colorful critters that live near its crystal clear shores. If you haven't already visited the islands, chances are you dream of some day crossing this slice of paradise off your bucket list. But the enchanting nature of this remote area and the rare creatures that inhabit it are in danger.

This year, the Charles Darwin Research Station has suffered financial losses that have threatened its longevity in the near future. It now takes about $3 million to fund per year, and without immediate help, the foundation that keeps conservation efforts continuous could end. Although a budget plan has been set for the 2015 year, the Charles Darwin Foundation needs at least $1 million right now to ensure its survival. For more than 50 years, this independent scientific research station in the Galápagos has led conservation efforts in wildlife and ecology, raised awareness about environmental sustainability and made a lasting impact on about 200,000 visitors annually.

Without help, initiatives like finding solutions to invasive species, repopulating nearly extinct wildlife and providing scholarships to scientists will come to a halt. In the 2014 year alone, the CDF successfully monitored 120 species, planted 5,000 endemic and native seedlings, tagged 43 sharks and started a mangrove finch breeding program that reared and released 15 fledglings of the endangered species back in to the wild. To save the foundation and continue ecological research and protection,

here's how you can help:

  1. Visit this page to make a direct donation.
  2. Become a member by visiting this page and receive benefits like a VIP tour of the research station, a hardcover book titled "Preserving Darwin's Legacy," an invitation to the General Assembly, travel advice and more.
  3. Check out Facebook and #SaveDarwin on Twitter.
  4. Spread the word!

The CDF needs to raise these funds before the end of the year to ensure survival of this UNESCO World Heritage site, so tell your friends and family about the issue now in order to save the foundation from bankruptcy. As a member of the International Galapagos Tour Operators Association (IGTOA), Holbrook Travel provides an annual donation to the Association in support of conservation, research, and community development initiatives in the Galápagos including the Charles Darwin Research Station. However, given the crisis that is going on, we want to do our best to help them during an hour of need, which is why we are calling for all hands on deck. Holbrook Travel's CEO Andrea Holbrook has personally pledged to match any donations from friends of Holbrook up to $1000. Please consider joining us in supporting this important cause.