Protecting Sea Turtles Around the World

Protecting Sea Turtles Around the World

Apr 30, 2015|Holbrook in the Field| by Nikki Giaquinto

Did you know that leatherback sea turtles travel around 10,000 miles every year? Now, that’s what we call a respectable globe-trotter!

There are seven species of sea turtles in the world, and six of these species are either endangered or threatened. Unfortunately, we as humans are a big reason why these majestic, marine travelers are in trouble. Humans pose the largest threat to sea turtles, due to entanglement, destruction of their nests and habitats, and consumption of their meat and eggs.

This is why many people have created organizations, dedicated to conserving and protecting these turtles. The Sea Turtle Conservancy, located in our own backyard in Gainesville, FL, is one of these support groups.

The Sea Turtle Conservancy is the oldest and most accomplished sea turtle organization in the world. It was founded in 1959 by a man named Joshua B. Powers. He started the STC in response to Dr. Archie Carr’s book, which was the first piece of literature that alerted the world to the plight of sea turtles. Dr. Archie Carr was the Scientific Director of STC from 1959 until his death in 1987.This organization has had over 50 years of experience in the areas of national and international sea turtle conservation, research, and educational projects.

Some of the areas where the STC conducts research are Costa Rica, Panama, Bermuda, El Salvador, and the West Indies. Along with research and educational endeavors, the Sea Turtle Conservancy also works for habitat preservation, to enact protection laws and to create refuges for the conservation of sea turtles.

With all of these amazing conservation efforts happening all over the world, you may ask yourself,
“How can I help these marine reptiles survive?” There are many ways you can get involved to support sea turtles and help them out of danger!

  • Donate to the Sea Turtle Conservancy.
  • Adopt a turtle of your own, and become a member of the STC.
  • Become a Turtle Guardian, donating just $5 a month to this amazing organization.

These are just a few ways that you, individually, can help the Sea Turtle Conservancy in their efforts to protect these beautiful creatures.

If you are interested in the plight of these creatures and want to see them in person, you should consider joining Holbrook’s Sea Turtle Expedition with the STC to Cuba! This trip will be led by David Godfrey, the CEO of the Sea Turtle Conservancy, and Dr. Emma Harrison, a seasoned field biologist with over ten years of experience conducting sea turtle research. It will take place from September 4 -12, 2015. In addition to learning firsthand about Cuban sea turtles and Cuba’s conservation programs, this expedition will also give you an opportunity to experience places such as the coral reef at Maria la Gorda, the town of Viñales, Havana, and Ernest Hemingway’s home, Finca La Vigia.

We also offer trips for groups and individuals to Tortugero, Costa Rica, one of the main research sites of the Sea Turtle Conservancy. On these trips you can assist sea turtle researchers on nightly turtle patrols as well as enjoy the natural beauty of Costa Rica.

If you would like to become a world-class globe trotter like the leatherback sea turtles, please contact a Holbrook consultant for more information or visit our website,

Happy travelling!

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