Celebrate World Oceans Day with a Virtual Tour of the Great Barrier Reef

Celebrate World Oceans Day with a Virtual Tour of the Great Barrier Reef

Jun 6, 2013| by administrator

This Saturday is World Oceans Day, an event that has been called the world's biggest celebration of the ocean. Through hundreds of events across the globe, organizations will raise awareness about the importance of protecting these vast bodies of water.

Why celebrate the oceans? About 70 percent of our planet is made up of oceans. They are responsible for more than half of the oxygen produced in the atmosphere, absorb much of the carbon from it and are a major source of food, medicine and mineral resources that we use every day. Not to mention how beautiful the oceans and their wildlife can be! This is why the United Nations declared June 8 of each year World Oceans Day.

The event's coordinators hope to achieve 1,000 registered Oceans Day events worldwide this year. To see what others are doing to participate, check out the World Oceans Day website here: http://worldoceansday.org/2013events/. One of the events we found particularly interesting was this live 12-hour virtual tour of the Great Barrier Reef in which a team of marine biologists will broadcast from their floating "Sea Studio" and even answer questions through Google Hangout. Divers will also contribute live images from the reef. If you've ever wondered about traveling to this magnificent reef, here's your chance to get a sneak peak!

Australia is getting a head start on World Oceans Day, though. This live online event, which starts Friday morning in Australian Eastern Standard time, actually starts tonight at about 8 p.m. here in the eastern U.S. Check it out here: http://www.youtube.com/user/queensland/reeflive

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